Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Priorities

I have three priorities this summer. Get in shape (girl!), get a tan, and get a job. It seems like a good balance of needs - health and employment - and wants - sunkissed skin. So far, I'm at two out of three and I'm working hard to confirm the last element. Crossing my fingers over here...wish me luck.


  1. 1. You looked very in shape when I saw you Saturday.
    2. You also looking pretty glowy.
    3. Not working kind of rules though huh? Minus the money stuff.

  2. I loved get in shape girl! :)

  3. Rochelle, I love it. In between the serious stuff (bills, job searches etc), I've been enjoying the freedom and making the most of it.
    Candace...did you have the ribbon dancer?