Monday, June 7, 2010

1,073 Miles - Notes from the Road

This is a rare time in my life that I've had the liberty to take a weeklong roadtrip, so after an invitation to Baltimore, I decided to do a tour de university friends. I started from Cleveland---->Harrisburg for a night----->Spent two nights in Baltimore---->headed northeast to NYC for three nights---->8 hour drive back to Cleveland = 1,073 miles. Here are a few notes/observations from the road.

  • In NYC, with a population of more than 8 million people, what are the chances that I'd run into people I know on the street? Pretty good, it happened twice.

  • This one woman wolf pack loves to travel alone. I keep myself thoroughly entertained though admittedly, a ipod would have been nice. Ok, insert joke [here] about how I need to join the 21st century.
  • A painted watermelon makes a great get well gift.

  • Marry a nice man. My friend and her husband had at least 10 people and three dogs sleeping in their house. Not only is he patient and kind, but he put up with our crass humor and kept everyone fed.

  • Be grateful for the smoking ban.

  • When in New York, I like to do 1-2 small touristy things. This time, it was a stroll through Grand Central and a visit to Magnolia Bakery. Banana chocolate muffin....mmm.

  • Who needs a gallbladder anyways? Not my girl, Erin!

  • In the most remote areas, there's always a pop music station playing Lady Gaga.

  • In the most remote areas, Ryan Seacrest is on-air.

  • The Poconos are lovely this time of year.

  • My parents are awesome. I'd thank them on here but they don't read this.

  • It's impossible to drive through New Jersey and not think about Garden State and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, especially the hilariously high Neil Patrick Harris.

  • I love my friends. I got carnivorous in Harrisburg, danced in Baltimore, and wandered around New York. Thanks, my urban family, for being such gracious hosts during my adventure.

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  1. Sounds like a nice, well rounded trip!