Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring!

This bout of warm weather has been wonderful, hasn't it? Though we all know there's a pretty good chance we'll have one more wintry blast. There, I said it. Does that make me a pessimist or a realist?

A few days ago, I met my mom at Crocker Park for lunch on Brio's patio. Half of Cleveland had the same idea and the patio was packed, so we were relegated to the open air bar. A decent lunch and a glass of Prosecco was a fitting way to start off spring. After lunch we walked around Crocker and got used to this unfamiliar thing called warmth.

I invited a handful of people over for an afternoon deck party the next day. One very cool feature about my new house is a huge, over sized deck. And when I say over sized, I mean this thing could have been 1/2 the size and it would have still been decent. I don't have any deck furniture yet, so I pulled out a hodgepodge of chairs and we made a circle. Our food table was a chair in the center. Luckily my friends are laid back and had fun, appropriate deck furniture or none. Next time I have a party though, I promise to have furniture and a hot grill. I even managed to get a little sun. See?

But the fun didn't end there. I opted out of a huge group bike ride because I needed a chill evening with my girls. Sitting on a front porch in Ohio City, watching people on their way to Momocho and Mangos made me excited for the upcoming months. Tan lines, margaritas, patios, Whiskey Island, bike rides, art walks and festivals, random sports, boating, BBQs, fresh fruit, pool parties, trips to Dairy Delight, outdoor shows...this is what summer in Cleveland is all about. And I'm so ready.

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