Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unemployment is So Uncool - Entry #1

Bills, bills, bills. Some monthly and some unexpected but they all require money I don't have. Thank you, Ohio for giving me unemployment. I truly appreciate it. But when 1/2 a month of benefits almost pay my mortgage, which is very reasonable, it will be interesting to see which bills get paid and which bills will be pushed back a month or two. Now I'm cursing my need for technology at my finger tips and real-time Facebook updates. Damn you, data package.

Unexpected bills...like a $1000 brake job today. My god, did that hurt. But you can't drive around for much longer with completely obsolete back brakes. Yup. 100% non functioning.

Oh tax return, tax return where art thou? Combined with unemployment, you will be expected to help me fund some minor home projects, purchase patio furniture AND float me for a few months while I'm looking for a new job. It will be a frugal summer full of value time hot dogs and Miller Lite.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer.

  2. Have you tried selling gold yet? I remember when I reached that point. But then I was pleasantly surprised when Howard's gave me way more than I would have expected for some old kinked herring bone necklaces/bracelets from the 90s. And as I walked out with my wad of cash, I didn't feel quite like the loser I felt like walking in!

  3. Thanks for the tip, Heather. I'll keep it in mind when funds get tight...well, er, tigher.